Management Cockpit for Controlling (MaCoCo)

Within the MaCoCo (Management Cockpit for Controlling) project we realize a multi-user web-application for the decentralized management and controlling of organizational processes within the chairs or institutes of a university. The project was startet in 2016. The key elements of the project focus on finance, staff and project organization. The MaCoCo project is funded by the RWTH Aachen University and jointly realized by the chairs of Controlling and Software Engineering.

In the development of web-applications the frontend and backend are implemented separately and often use different programming languages. Developers of both parts have to communicate intensively and have to adjust their implementation to the corresponding other side. Consequently, this increases the risk for communication overhead and inconsistencies.

Thus, large parts of the code of MaCoCo is generated with the MontiCore (MC) language workbenchand code generation framework to ensure a highly adaptable system. Lead users are involved actively in the development process to be able to provide a useful solution.