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The production domain is permeated by heterogeneous data sources, a variety of IT systems, and complex industrial use cases - aspects that offer a very exciting field for research. Modern production systems have a large number of sensors for monitoring industrial plants which help to gain an insight into a system’s state. Sensors over time create data sets, that may be very detailed, need to be preprocessed such as time reduced, quantitatively, and qualitatively reduced, and white instead of colored pictures, and enriched with metadata. To be able to define the datasets needed, we have to handle all these dimensions.

Our approach to handle these dimensions is the concept of digital shadows. A digital shadow is a set of contextual data traces and their aggregation and abstraction collected for a specific purpose with respect to an original system. These digital shadows are then used by digital twins. For us, a digital twin is a set of models of the system, a set of digital shadows and their aggregation and abstraction collected from a system, and a set of services that allow using the data and models purposefully with respect to the original system. Within [BBD+21], a conceptual model to describe digital shadows, data structures tailored to exploit models and data in smart manufacturing, was presented through a metamodel and its notion space. Using models helps handle this complexity in real-world scenarios.

The MoPro'22 Workshop aims to be a platform for researchers and practitioners within the production domain to exchange their modeling techniques, interesting use cases and challenges.

Topics include the following but are not limited to:

The workshop will be held for the first time in the context of the Modellierung'22 conference in Hamburg, Germany.

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The submissions have to be formatted according to the LNI guidelines of the German Informatics Society. Submission language is English. The workshop is planned for a mainly German-speaking group of participants.

The papers will be peer-reviewed by the program committee and accepted publication will be published within the common workshop proceedings at the Digital Library of the German Informatics Society.

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